10 magic ideas to break the routine of a relationship

Perhaps nothing kills a  relationship as much as the routine that contributes to the cooling of feelings and increases boredom and infidelity.  Here are  10 magic  ideas that will break the routine in a marital or a love relationship :

–  Get rid of the technology devices for at least 24 hours:
 you should remove the electricity wires that connect you to the outside world like the telephone, television, and computers and replace them by talk and intimacy, even for only 24 hours.

– Go to and visit your favorite places of food:
Start the morning with a warm sitting in the coffee that you love and enjoy the coffee there, and then go and eat food by preparing a delicious home dinner or eat in your favorite restaurant. You will find lots of conversations and fun to talk about.

– Play Games:
Both  Childhood and adult ones. Rub your hands with colors, play monoblocks, chess, and other games as well. You will have a fun and childish time.

– Watch a romantic film:
You can make a romantic atmosphere in the television room with candles, pillows, and blankets and watch a romantic film.

– Go for a stroll:
 Have a  beautiful walk in a difficult place to walk. Drive-by car and enjoy the mountain or desert and landscape views in your tour.

–  Read the same book:
 Sit beside each other and read the same book and discuss it.

–  Memories Box:
 Make a box of memories where you can put your movie tickets, wedding cards, pictures, and old things, and read them together when you feel the coldness in your relationship.

– Go to a crowded place and disappear:
 And then search for each other amid the hustle. You will find it childlike and enjoyable.

– Listen to your favorite songs:
 that you were listening to during the engagement days, or attend a concert of your favorite star and restore memories of the past. the memories of the past will revive the hormones of happiness and joy in your life and will provide you with the positive energy to strongly and surely continue your relationship and with more enthusiasm.

–  Choose a high place:
 such as a balloon in the sky, or restaurant that is usually at the top of a tower, and witness the city from the top and speak and take pictures.

– changing the place of the intimate meeting:
 it is not necessary to be in the bedroom, choose a special place, other colors and another shape of the bed, and use soft pillows, you do not need expensive things, you will find everything you need in your home.

-Try to talk to your beloved one during intimacy:
 express your interaction, focus on positive phrases, and do not be silent. Verbal interaction is one of the most important methods to convey real feelings during intimacy.

– Choose a time after the intimate meeting, and tell your partner quietly about how you feel about the performance, not towards him as a person, focus first on what you like about intimacy, and then focus on the negative things in it

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