10 mistakes that can destroy women’s friendship

Friendship is a valuable relationship and it is considered as an integrated support system. It is friends who stand beside you in both good and bad moments as well as ups and downs of life, and  they tend to strengthen your strong points and skills.

The most important question now is what kind of a female friend are you? Are you a good friend, or are you one of those who prevent their friends from doing their best for you? To be a good friend, you need to do more and make more effort.

Here is a list of the top ten mistakes that can destroy friendship. You have to get rid of these mistakes first, to ensure a more stable and lasting friendship.  

1 you are  not a good listener:

You do not have any problem getting to your friends and talking to them about your problems, but when the roles are exchanged, the conversation becomes short, or it may be difficult for them to reach you.

Sometimes you are outside or you  have an important job, etc. so you do not have enough time. Here, you must realize that listening to others is a real skill that you should master.

 2 you criticize and always embarrass them :

When a friend comes to you and feels joy and excitement about something that has happened to her, a new achievement or something else, then she gets just very frustrating reactions and words from your side, Here you should know that there is a dividing line between a realistic and a frustrating personality. Stop frustrating your friends.

 3 you avoid contacting them :

With the spread of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other sites, friendship has become a virtual friendship. And you avoid talking to your friends over the phone, while they may be desperate for such an important call .

 4-6 jealousy, lack of happiness about their success or achievements, and you do not  encourage them :

We combined the mistakes from 4 to 6 in one point; they are highly interrelated. Your female friend may be the most attractive, the most intelligent, active and successful. However, instead of feeling proud and joyful for her, it turns into a feeling of jealousy. The mistake here is not in their success and superiority compared to you, and you should not blame them; because it is you who have not achieved your goals in life. Think about the reason of your failure and try to change it.

 7 One-sided friendship :

Your friends are those who always call you, pay for your trips, listen to your problems at any time, encourage you, while you do not play any effective role with them at all. It’s time to show them some concern, and give up your selfishness.  

8 you do not work on improving and developing your friendships :

Many girls believe that their relationship with their friends is perfect and free of any problems or mistakes. But the fact is that as we get older, our personalities change, and so does our friendships. Remember that there is always space to improve the relationship, all you need to know is the kind of  improvements and adjustments that your relationship needs.

 9 do not show them your needs :

Each one of you has his own needs, you might not want or need what your female friends might want or need and vice versa. Your responsibility towards your friends includes clarifying your desires. Everyone has his own style of friendship, and what works for you may not work for others and vice versa; so tell them what suits you, and what you need from this friendship.  

10 lying :

Confront yourself and be honest with it. Do you lie to your friends? You may deny it at first, but with a little thinking you will find out that you are doing it. Like inventing stories to convince them, create a world of imagination in which you will be the main character in the hope that they will increase their love for you. easily, give up all these things, and let them see your truth.

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