10 most common complaints of unhappy couples

There is Almost no marriage where there are no hidden complaints here and there, waiting for the opportunity to appear during a dispute or a slip of the tongue, but the complaints from unhappy couples deserve to be analyzed.

Here are the 10 most common complaints from unhappy couples that you should take care of so that you will not fall in them :

 1 The husband says: I wish my wife would give me more appreciation, especially when I return home. She has a number of requests, complaints, and instructions.

Family experts say that human nature tends to yearn for gratitude and appreciation. So, take always care of your husband and celebrate him and his achievements and try to get your views in a quiet way and not after his arrival home.

 2 The husband says: “We are burdened with responsibilities. We no longer enjoy our time as before, especially when we were lovers and engaged.

Experts comment on this point that the couple should get it right and devote a little time to a romantic dinner together or watching a movie to break the routine and renew the bonds of their emotions in their relationship.

3 The husband says: I understand my wife’s troubles and heavy responsibilities, but I find it difficult to accept her excessive talk dramatically about her troubles with children and responsibilities of the house.

Experts say that it is normal for your daily difficulties to dominate, but do not forget that there is a marital and emotional relationship that you have to take care of and leave the troubles behind.

4 The husband says: Women consider me a romantic man, but my wife does not appreciate it and she ignores one of my most beautiful qualities.

 Here experts advise you to get rid of your stress and to restore romantic gestures in your marriage and to praise your husband’s romantic gestures.

5  The husband says: I thought that I do good when giving my wife the responsibility of the house and the whole family, but I, later,  found that she grumbles about this and about me.

Experts say, on this point, you have to tell your partner about the help you are waiting for and the one you do not want from him.

6 the husband says: “My relationship with my wife is no longer as intimate as before. She is far from me compared to our few years of marriage.

Experts comment that the wife should be explicit about her intimate relationship with her husband, but it will be hard to change the situation later when you get apart.

7 The husband says: My wife is waiting for me to be supportive all the time, while she does not know that I, like her,  suffer from pressure, sadness, and fear, and frustration.

Experts say you should pay attention to each other’s feelings, and think that you and your husband, like most couples, feel the same way because you have the same conditions.

8 The husband says: My wife takes care of the  home affairs . I try to help her as much as possible, but I see her neglecting the house and family affairs.

Experts say that you should stop receiving emails and work-related communications after a certain hour. You should also separate your work environment from your home so that you do not end up being successful on one side and falling on the other.

9 The husband says: Since we got married and the religious belief of my wife is increasing to an extent of exaggeration.

Experts on this point say that a wife should stay in a context close to her husband even if she chooses to comply with her religious beliefs, adding that religiosity is a spiritual matter supposed to facilitate life rather than to complicate it.

10 The husband says: At the beginning, my wife was keen to renew her appearance and invent new ways in our sexual life, but it became a traditional later and  she no longer gives importance to this subject

Experts comment on this point, saying that it is understandable that the initial sexual fervor has subsided because  the increasing pressure on the wife, in particular, but you should not surrender and try to  create new ways to enjoy this important aspect of a relationship 

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