10 Most important habits that will make your hair stronger

Hair is one of the most important features  that gives any man an attractive appearance and makes him look more handsome. Therefore, paying attention to the hair is one of the most important habits that will give you the appearance and the look you are dreaming of.  

Being a man does not mean that you should neglect your hair and not to care about it. Men taking care of their hair are not less important than the women taking care of their hair. In this article we will illustrate 10 habits that will completely change your hair and give it the appearance you want :

 1 Do not wash your hair too much

A mistake is made when most men wash their hair too many times. The most appropriate number is three to five times a week so that your hair will not lose the essential oils that are excreted to maintain the hair and, of course, without forgetting to dry it very well to protect it.

 2 Do not dry your hair violently so as not to damage it

One of the known habits that almost all men are doing is that they dry their hair in a violent and harsh way after washing it. Such a habit is against the principle of taking care of the hair because it can damage both the hair and the scalp. So try to dry your hair in a soft and delicate way and avoid violence.

 3 Using egg as a conditioner

Egg contains many and various  minerals, proteins and the sulfur your hair needs. You can separate the yolk from the white and put it on your hair and let it penetrate between the leaves  and leave it for 20 to 40 minutes and then wash your hair with warm water and you will feel a big difference.  

4 Protect your hair from chlorine

Chlorine is the most harmful substance for your hair and scalp, as it makes the hair brittle and weaken it. The simplest way to protect your hair from chlorine is to wash it with warm water after you leave the swimming pool and  you can also  wear a swimming hat to protect it from chlorine.

 5 Do not apply too many products on your hair

Too much use of hair products like gel, creams and hair spray makes your hair look unnatural and unhealthy. Using a limited amount of these products is the perfect solution for hair care.

6 Use a shampoo that will make your hair shiny

After using the shampoos for a long time, your hair will look bad and dead as well as collapsed. Use shampoos full of vitamins and protein to restore the shine of your hair and clean it from the accumulated dirt. if you want something natural to make your hair shine, there is nothing better than white vinegar to care for hair and make it shine.

 7 The heat and its damages to the hair

His one of the most harmful factors, so you should avoid exposing your hair directly  to the sun and use of dryer with high temperature. It is better to keep away from the hair dryer’s heat  and let it dry naturally outdoors.

 8 Take care of your hair form

Getting your hair cut every 4-6 weeks is very convenient to your hair endings and renew as well as remove the old and dead hair leaves from it.  

9 Avoid tight hats on your hair

Tight hats work as a heat sink, raising the heat of your scalp and damaging your hair so you don’t have to wear them and you can replace them with hats where the air can penetrate into the hair and make it cool.  

10 take a cold water bath

Coldwater keeps the blood in the scalp as our blood contains minerals and essential nutrients to care for hair. Hair is of great importance as it improves your appearance and look, so do not neglect it and take care of it to feel the difference in your appearance.

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