17 Reasons why you should drink water first thing every day

17 Reasons why you should drink water first thing every day

17 Reasons why you should drink water first thing every day

Water is so important for our health, and the body needs it to survive and continue to function without any problems. And it is considered the main chemical compound in our body. It also constitutes 60% of our body weight. Cells and tissues need water to work properly, and it is consumed daily through breathing, urination, sweating, and bowel movement.

 The individual’s need varies depending on several factors, such as the place of residence, physical activity, and health status. The daily requirement every human being needs is estimated at 2.7 liters for women and 3.7 liters for men.

It is worth mentioning that the low consumption of water can lead to dehydration that occurs as a result of not getting enough water by the body to perform and function normally, and the drought can deplete the body’s energy and give a feeling of tiredness.

Health officials and health experts affirm that the best time to drink water is after getting up in the morning after a long fasting night.

Why should we drink water on an empty stomach then? What are the benefits of this habit?.

1 Moisturizing the body immediately

A normal individual sleeps between 6-8 hours a day. Water helps you to moisturize the body immediately, and also helps in the regular bowel movement process.

2 Provides you with energy

Water stimulates the growth of red blood cells and thus the production of more oxygen, and a combination of these factors means a new batch of energy and vitality.

3 Feeds the mind

The brain composition contains more than 70 percent of water, and the lack of water makes you feel tired, weak memory and mood swings.

4 Strengthening the immune system

Drinking water as soon as you wake up helps you fight and overcome diseases by balancing your immune system.

5 to get rid of toxins

During the night the body repairs the damaged cells, and drinking water in the morning helps to regulate bowel movement and expel toxins that are stored in the body throughout the night.

6 Increased burning process

According to several studies, drinking water when the stomach is empty increases the rate of food burning. Carbohydrates and proteins that are consumed daily are burned and transported through the water to various areas of the body, and obtaining sufficient quantities of water helps increase metabolic rates and then burn more fat.

7 losing weight

Drinking water in the morning will help you lose weight healthily, because water helps release toxins and improves the health of the digestive system, which makes you feel less hungry, and this leads to weight loss due to lack of excessive eating.

8 Increases the beauty of your skin

Drinking water early in the morning helps release toxins out of the body and getting rid of these toxins from the blood, which means keeping your skin glowing, healthy and bright.

Dehydration is one of the main reasons for the development of wrinkles in your skin, dark spots, and deep pores in the skin. Keeping your body hydrated at the start of the day helps to continuously boost blood flow to your skin ad avoid skin drought.

9 Get rid of bladder stones and protecting the colon and bladder from infections

Drinking water on an empty stomach increases the body’s ability to fight infections by eliminating toxins and keeping the body hydrated, which helps your systems work properly.

10 Hair growth

Drinking water in the morning helps improve your hair’s health, as dehydration causes the hair roots to become rough and brittle and therefore a weak hair. Water also transfers the vitamins that hair constantly needs.

Hair is consists of 25 percent of water, so dryness causes hair problems. Regular water consumption improves and enhances hair quality.

11 Helps reduce the risk of constipation:

 The body relies on frequent contractions that occur in the colon, and it helps move food through it, drinking water in the morning may help stimulate the bowel movement; when the stomach is full of food the body feels this, sending signals to the intestines to evacuate, which increases the possibility of bowel movement.

12  Reduces stomach acidity:

 The stomach is the main source of hydrochloric acid, and the latter is excreted throughout the night, so drinking water after waking up can reduce the acidity level in the stomach.

14 Reduces the risk of headache:

Many studies have shown that it is possible for water to relieve headaches especially people suffering from dehydration that may provoke migraines, and lead to headaches for some people.

15 Blood pressure control:

Dehydration causes a decrease in blood pressure, the pressure receptor response ( Baroreceptors) is rapid, which causes a quad response in the body, as the heart contractions increase to pump more blood to the organs, the heart rate increases, in addition to that the small veins and arteries shrink To preserve water and therefore balancing the blood pressure.

16 Regulating body temperature:

Some scientists have shown that when the body contains very small amounts of water, the storage of heat increases, and the individual becomes unable to withstand thermal stress, so drinking large amounts of water may reduce physical stress during exercise, but there is a need for more research on this matter.

 it is worth noting that water stored in the middle layers of the skin comes out to the surface in the form of sweat when the body temperature rises, and this cools the body when it evaporates.

17 Energizing the brain function:

Water is known to constitute about 75 percent of the brain’s components. Therefore, the work of the brain requires an important level of water. Therefore, concentration and mental process witness a significant decrease when the body suffers from a decrease in the water level. Therefore, consuming a cup of warm water in the morning will help you to focus and benefit from the activity of your mind at its highest levels.


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