5 reasons why a woman abandons and leaves her lover

When we love, we hope and wish to spend our whole life with our other half and we plan for this day and night. Although women are deeply romanticized and rarely make harsh decisions, some circumstances may force a woman to leave the man she loves. Do you imagine the reasons why your beloved might abandon you even though she loves you? The answer is as follows:

1- lack of the common interests between you :

When we love we become completely blind. by discovering our other partner, we only see his beauty, but after the end of the first period of madness, the defects begin to appear, and the problems begin.

One of the biggest problems facing the relationship is the lack of common concerns between the two lovers. At first, it may seem to us that our differences are a strong reason for our union, but the reality is that a healthy relationship must be based on a reasonable basis of common interests.

2- the lack of communication :

woman has a great emotional need to communicate with her partner. She wants someone who appreciates her enough, to listen to her as she talks about her problems, concerns and dreams, not pretending to listen to her, and he is immersed in his own ideas and thoughts.

If you are not interested in your beloved girl enough, to hear what she says, and do not stand by her side with every misfortune she is going through, you give her a reason to leave you every day when you behave like this.

3- lack of intimacy :

Women need the same amount of physical intimacy as men. If you do not notice their emotional desires and needs, they will begin to think and imagine that another woman exists in your life, a woman who meets your needs. she will feel unwanted and worthless, which drives her away from you. Satisfying and meeting your woman’s sexual desires will make her long and yearn for you and vice versa. if you do not, then she will leave you for somebody else.

4 –  put her as your last priority :

Women want to feel that they are the priority in the life of their beloved ones, even if this is not true 100 percent, you should give this feeling of interest, care and your sincere concern to her. by caring about your woman, she will be proud of you in front of her friends and feel appreciated.

5- Absence of personal space :

Do not ask your sweetheart to devote all her  time to you, do not take her from her family life and her relationship with her friends and work, to devote herself  to your own life, and do not spend time with anyone else but with you.

No matter what the flaming love between you is, you should both have personal space where you can practice your hobbies and your natural life, before you can meet again.

This is not just a healthy thing to avoid her abandoning you, but also to avoid boredom that can kill your relationship as well.

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