5 secrets that every woman should know about the man

For many years, there has been so much talk about bilateral relations, in which one of the sides feels confused and neglected by the other and not given enough time. This is a common feature among women of all ages and there is no exaggeration in this at all. Numerous questions have been raised on this issue and many discussions have been raised. So in order to get rid of these dilemmas, here are five things a woman should know about men:

1  He does not care about the text messages :

With the proliferation of mobile phones and the ease of communication, many women wonder why men write many texts at the beginning and then and gradually reduce it until it disappears completely and it may take several days to respond to a specific text message.

There are many reasons, such as the fact that men ignore such a thing and are less interested in it than women. Text messages are seen as a  source of nuisance, while women think that getting so many messages is positive and will make them get the attention and the heart of men. Many relationships have collapsed because of the late response or no response at all and instead of dealing with this issue quietly and intelligently, some women attack the man and ask him constantly why he did not respond.

2 Men communicate through direct reactions rather than words :

We hear a lot of questions: “I’m really confused ?, as my boyfriend says I am crazy, smart, amazing, wonderful and smart … he made me hear a lot of words and sent me a lot of messages late at night… Now all of this has changed and he is no longer as before”. Well, men know that words are important to women and some of them use it to get what they want without being serious about it.

But others who are serious could do that at some point in time, but there may come time in which he will no longer do it due to the fatigue and stress, and whatever justification is given that he longs for you or wants to see you, the pressure of work prevents him from doing so, but your answer will be; why does not he give me time?

In contrast to your thinking, a man does not care about the words and what he says but actually believes in deeds and direct communication because he wants to feel you.

3  They really want to make you happy – but do not always know how?

A man always wants to make the woman happy and sometimes he acts unintentionally even though he, deep down, wants to provide you with everything you need and the problem is that he has no idea how to do it or what do you need?

Men are different from women and do not understand the twists, but they love direct demand, there is no man who is satisfied with the presence of an unhappy woman with him, but he seeks to do everything possible to make her happy.

4  The man thinks  that he  will enjoy making you feel that you will lose him :

Men usually resort to all kinds of excuses to avoid getting into a serious relationship, so you have to be smart and grab the stick in the middle. If a man feels that he will get something for less, he will resort to it without offering more than the minimum but be careful to give him what he wants so that you will not lose him.

5 the fear of losing his freedom :

For men, marriage is a source of fear that will lead to the loss of their liberty and fear of commitment. This is the major reason for their withdrawal before the relationship becomes deeper. So be careful not to restrict him with your acts, but make him feel free, especially that he has his own world and needs to be alone sometimes.

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