5 ways to know real friends ?

If you find it difficult to know if your friend is loyal to you or not, it means that your relationship is not in the best possible position. Despite having so many friends, loyal friends are rare and their existence is a real blessing. Fortunately, they can easily be recognized.

The real friends support you and encourage you :

Your true friends  make you feel that you are valued and useful, and feel happy and confident . We all need positive energy in our lives from time to time. So having true friends in your life are important, even when they disagree with you about your points of view.

At the same time, they never forget to push you to be self-confident like if someone tells you «  what a bad hat but it looks good on you  ».

One of the positive signs is that your friend sincerely praises you for almost everything you do, whether about the clothes you are wearing or how competent you are at work. The encouragement you receive from him, even if it seems trivial, is a healthy sign for both of you.

Your friend may not always be cheering for you and at all times, the most important thing is that he is keen on your success and helps you always.

If your friend discourages you or frustrates you when you succeed, or does not believe in your ability to succeed, this is an unhealthy sign of his sincerity to your friendship.

The real friends  listen to you :

Sometimes all that you need is to find an ear listening to you, and the real friend knows how to be silent and open his heart and ears and listen to you, as long as you do the same with him if he  needs you, and when you talk to him you find him looking at you with concern, and  when you finish  he remembers your words and ask you questions  that shows his concern about you .

In  healthy relationships, both sides usually share the same amount of talk and listening, and if you always find yourself  listening to the others complaints, it means that your relationship as friends is not fair to you enough.

The real friends communicate with each other in an open way :

As  you can share your embarrassing stories and your little secrets with them, as they do with you, and your real friend can easily recognize your mood without telling him anything. When you feel some frustration or distress in your life, they do not forsake you or get away from you, but be close to you and try to talk to you to get you out of your bad mental state.

True friends do not listen to rumors and gossip :

If your friend is familiar with gossips, he probably talks about you during your absence. All people may enjoy some chatter and gossip from time to time, but if you find out that your friend is always talking g about someone  inappropriately then he will also talk about you.

Real friends take their time to meet you and listen to you :

Life may make us busy by its many preoccupations, and we may barely find the time to eat and sleep, but we should leave our preoccupations for a while to see our friends and communicate with them.

the real friend is the one who tries to create time to spend it with you.  If they do not have time for you and talking to you only on the phone,  then why do you consider them your friends?

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