6 Signs that a relationship is about to collapse

You may have noticed that your relationship with your partner has changed. It has moved from feeling great to feeling strange when your partner enters the door. It is difficult to confess that the relationship between you and someone else is over, but it is important to end an awkward and unhappy relationship. You may think the relationship is going through a difficult phase.

– Check the communication between you and the other side :

Consider times when you discuss your feelings. Communicating and informing the other about your needs and feelings while understanding the needs and feelings of the other is an important part of the relationship.  If you feel that the other person does not understand your feelings and you find that you do not understand the nature of your partner’s feelings, the relationship between you is about to collapse.

The lack of communication between the two parties may start as simple as not asking about, for example, how was the day of the partner, but the matter may develop to become neglecting each other’s feelings completely

– Notice how you talk about the future with him

 Refusing to discuss the future and what it may hide for you and your partner may be an avoidance technique to deal with the fact that you can not be with your partner anymore. It may also mean that you can not imagine your life with your partner in the future, which may mean that it is time to end the relationship.

-Think about the level of verbal empathy between you and your partner

Emotional communication is an important cornerstone of ensuring the sustainability of the relationship. When the verbal expression stops in an emotional relationship, it may indicate that you can not think of anything beautiful to say or you do not want to say anything good to the other. The absence of empathy and verbal communication is as a red flag that  indicates the end of the relationship.

Notice how you talk about your partner to others

 People who have a healthy relationship are excited to share their partner’s good qualities and their achievements with others. If you find that you are talking about your partner negatively when you are with friends, it is a sign that the relationship is going through a crisis. Negative talk about your partner with others appears to be disrespectful, and probably indicates problems in the relationship.

 – Know the level of excitement you feel about your partner

 Did you find that you are always used to having a great feeling when your partner is around you, but you do not feel the same excitement now? If you are constantly bored when you are with your partner, or you feel bored just to think about seeing or meeting him, then you may not be related to that relationship anymore.

-Evaluate your sexual attraction towards your partner

 The physical and sexual attraction is important for both men and women, especially during the first seven years of the relationship. You may find that physical attraction is what made you admire the person in the first place. If you find that you are ignoring your partner or feel disgusted by your partner, the relationship between you will not last anymore.

If you really want to fix the relationship despite the problems you have, you can do it. You may need professional help from a relationship counselor or from a psychotherapist, but if you are willing to try to repair the relationship, then you may save it.

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