7 signs showing that a woman needs sex

Does a woman need sex like the man? Are there any indications of her need for sex? How does a man know that? When does a woman turn away from sexual intercourse?

It is strange that in some societies, a man can not notice or know the needs of his wife,  and many men are thinking only about themselves and not thinking of the other side of the relationship without who there will not be any relationship or any sexual activity at all.

In so many cases the wife  or the female wants  to have sex  but In  some conservative societies, women are ashamed of their men or husband’s to know that she has a desire for sex, and the man here must take into consideration his wife’s interests and observe how she looks at him or how she dresses for him, and here are the tips for the man to know that  explains that a woman has the desire for sex:

1 Dear man; If a woman wears sexy underwear that reveals her body,  then you should know that she wants you to have sex with her.

2 If a woman sits in front of her man or boyfriend and open her legs, you know, dear man, she says to you, my dear, I am in the mood to have sex with you because women often sit with their legs together, you men should pay attention to it.

3 If the woman stands in front of the mirror and start playing with her hair and begins to speak with you in an exciting way, you should gently pull her or hug her from the back and start in intimate activities with her because it is a sign that she needs sex

4 If the woman or wife sits next to her husband or man and starts embracing him and touches his body, or let us say harass him romantically, then the man should be ready to spend a beautiful night on the bed with his wife.

5 If you and your wife attend a wedding ceremony, especially of one of her relatives, you must have sex with her because women want it directly after returning back home.

6 If your wife is putting her perfume and she is dressed well then know, husband, that she says I have been prepared for you so prepare the bed without saying anything and do not let her down.

7 If the woman praises your manhood and your body, then you must know that it is a woman’s introduction or a hint in order to make love or have sex.

These are some of the signs of women’s need for sex, and the man or boyfriend should observe these things so that his wife will be happy, but there are some women who refuse sexual intercourse and who have no desire for sex. What are the reasons? we will write an article covering and analyzing this issue in the coming days ? so stay tuned and check our website later on.


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