Does jealousy kill or strenghten love ?

Jealousy is an innate instinct that we feel with people we love. It is a beautiful feeling that reveals how much we love those we love,  but there is a proverb that says; if something exceeds the normal or if it is too much then it might turn to unwanted results, this is what we will deal with in this article, if jealousy is too much it might turn from love to hatred.

Jealousy may turn from a sense of love into a love of owning and monopolizing the other, which may generate great problems that will kill these feelings of love that combine you and your husband. Of course, when one of us is jealous, the purpose is not to destroy love and the relationship between him and the person he loves, based on many previous experiences, it turned out that jealousy caused the demolition of many relationships.

When women are jealous they cry and hate the man and when a man is jealous he gets silent and hates himself.

Who is not jealous of us humans?

We are all jealous of those we love, but there must be limits to the feeling of jealousy that engulfs our feelings. “Intense love breeds jealousy and intense jealousy kills love.” Try to set boundaries for your jealousy so that your life will remain happy and honest, and try to answer honestly these questions, Why are you jealous? Why does jealousy sometimes turn into doubt? Why does jealousy turn into problems?

The causes of man’s jealousy :

They say that jealousy is a sign of love and everyone agrees about it, but man’s jealousy in love is different because it might not be because of love but because of other reasons and motivations, it is strange that the man himself does not know the real and logical explanation of so many of his behavior in love and he thinks that the motive behind it is love.

This is true, but jealousy is just a man’s curtain behind which he hides true causes that makes him commit these actions.

In the next lines, we will try to explain many of the strange behavior of men in love, which they commit out of jealousy and we will know the most important reasons of man’s jealousy when it comes to love :

Showing that he is interested :

Man often takes jealousy as a way to show his interest in women, because men know well that women adore men’s jealousy, so in many cases, man does not really have feelings of jealousy inside him but he is pretending then to be jealous so as to win the heart of the woman . and sometimes the man has real feelings of jealousy and this latter is a way to show the woman that the man is interested in her and care about her.

Showing control in a good way :

There is inside every man a tendency of control and a man knows well that this control destroys love and will lead him to lose the love of women and therefore the man resorts to jealousy in love as another aspect of control.

The fear of losing the lover :

When love knocks the doors of a man’s heart then it will be accompanied with fear to lose the woman he loves which appears in his very jealous behavior

The love of owning :

There is no jealousy where there is no sense of ownership or possession, so every man’s act of jealousy consists of love as well as jealousy and the desire to control

Love without jealousy is love without any flavor if it is within reasonable standards.

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