good tips on how to make good friends

Meeting others and succeeding in approaching them and making new friends is one of the hardest tasks that most people find very difficult to achieve. But with little effort and some intelligence in human communication, and with a real desire to get out of the comfort zone and challenge yourself,  you can acquire new friends and enjoy a life completely different from your life being alone. Where will you find your future friends?  

Join one of the clubs or organizations ;

This is an ideal method for bringing together people with common interests. You do not necessarily have to have a lot of common interests with the other side in order to succeed in forming and building a friendship with him.  

The truth is that the opposite is much better. The friendship between different individuals is one of the most wonderful friendships that will pass through your whole life. Since you are at the beginning and want to make it easier for yourself to get closer to others, you should search for a place where individuals share a particular ground, and we mean common interests, hobbies, and ideas.  

Join a sports club :

Many people make a big mistake by assuming that you have to be very talented in a particular sport so that you can join sports clubs and form friendships with other participants.  

Sports is certainly a competitive activity, but winning is not the main goal of all sports clubs around the world. You can join any of the sports clubs in your city to enjoy your time and exercise, or even to support your teammates. sports will give you infinite benefits and, at the very least, do not deprive yourself of participating in an amateur club and using it to make new friends.  

Participate in volunteer activities :

Participating in voluntary work is one of the noblest human acts ever. It also benefits you personally, whatever your age is. The most important of these benefits is to expand your acquaintances and make new friends. You can build strong human bonds with the rest of the volunteers while you work together, and you can approach people who are passionate about change in the same level like yours (working on a common issue brings you together )  

Be around others and make yourself available :

As long as you really want to make new friends, The first thing you need to do is to be in places where you can meet new people. Few people with whom you have previous friendship may be interested in asking about you when you decide to be alone at home, but you will never gain a new friendship in this way! While you are in school or university, sit with others. It does not have to be a big table crowded with people, but at least sit with an individual or two.  

Always remember that it is rare to see people coming to you and to your door to ask about you or see you, while you sit isolated from the world in front of your laptop’s screen.

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