How to end a relationship without pain ?

There are situations in which we act spontaneously, but there are other situations where we get confused, so we will try to shed light on and about how to behave in certain situations without embarrassing others or causing problems for ourselves or those we love.
The question is; is there any protocol or a way to follow to end a relationship and what to do if you tried with all the ways but the other part of the relationship does not want to understand your message or intention?
The answer is, of course, that you tried in all the indirect ways and avoided the confrontation, so your fiancée or girlfriend did not understand the message, seek excuses and find justifications for all your actions. 
The best way to end the relationship and send the message clearly is to formally say what you want to say directly, such as; after a period of experience “I feel that we are not suitable for each other or that our relationship can not continue,” you should be clear and frank, all the experts of emotional and social relationships agree that the words should be clear and avoid confusion or more than a meaning so that the other part won’t have any fake hope. However, they differed in the need to end the relationship face to face or in some cases to end it by a phone call, e-mail or even a message via mobile, especially if it is a  short-term relationship or the other part is getting angry quickly and his actions are unexpected.
However, the best way of ending the relationship is face to face, because the termination of the relationship will anyway injure the other side and whatever your reasons are, but your former partner deserves the respect for his feelings and frankness from you. Do not leave him looted by doubts and suspicions and there are some steps that can be followed to end the relationship in a respectful way: these steps are suitable for both men and women who intend to end a relationship.
– Choose a suitable place, preferably a quiet public place, and move away from places that carry good memories of both of you together so as not to increase the difficulty of the situation, because the situation will be very sensitive, and romance of the place will make it more complicated, also do not meet each other in a special place because you can be affected by the atmosphere and retreat from your position.
– Choose the right time, avoid holidays and events, so that the other part won’t remember your cruelty when the occasion comes one again in his life.
– Be candid and clear without injuring the other part. Describe the real reasons for ending the relationship, unless it is because he does not appeal to you, or you have found someone else who is more suitable for you, or that you found flaws in his appearance.
-Do not show your satisfaction or happiness by ending the relationship, be neutral, pleasant and avoid words that carry any feelings.
– do not show any reaction, if the other side is furious because this rejection is a humiliating feeling, it is enough that you are the master of the situation and that you are the one who ends the relationship and leaves the angry part to express his anger, but if his reaction is too much like if he starts screaming or breaking what stands in front of him then leave the Place immediately.
Do not agree with the other part’s suggestion to stay friends because it will often be a maneuver to stay near you and try to get you back. If you are finally committed to ending the relationship, your response should be: “I do not think this is a good idea right now.  but if you move away enough, there is hope that you will have a good relationship in the future especially if you are colleagues at work or relatives and your relationship continues throughout life.
The side who ends a relationship should be aware that this situation is painful for the other side so he should choose his words carefully and smoothly and avoid painful words.

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