How to know that your friend doesn’t like you anymore ?

Friendship can be a strong and continuous feeling no matter how time and conditions change, but this  does not mean that sometimes people  can not  change, either because  of the new life routines, style  and experiences or something like that .

some people lose the desire to retain or keep  a certain friendship .Sometimes it is not so clear, and sometimes there are several signs you can look  for  to see if someone no longer wants to be your friend. If there is a problem, you can try to solve it, or maybe the best choice is to end the friendship.

Notice whether your friend is acting negatively towards you :

If your friend humiliates you or looks down on you constantly or quarrels about everything  then he is no longer a good friend. If a friend does this, confront him and ask him to stop. If he does not stop doing that, then this is a bad sign

Check how many times you contacted each other :

If your friend no longer loves you, he may not try to make an effort to communicate with you. This does not just mean talking, but emails, text messages  or any other means of communication. If you no longer talk to your friend a lot, it is difficult to classify your relationship as a true friendship.

Ask yourself how to learn new things in your friend’s life :

In addition to not talking too much, your friend may not inform you of changes in his or her life. Friendships require effort and you do not have to know your friend’s news through others or through social media

Notice if your friend ignores you to spend time with others :

If you try to make plans and your friend tells you that he is busy and then  you  discovered later  on that he went  out with other friends at the same time, this might  be a sign that he is rejecting you .

Think about how you feel when you spend time with your friend :

If your friend turned to be against you, your meetings with him will be full of  tense and both of you may feel furious or uncomfortable when you spend time with each other

 Looking for the reasons for the change :

Talk to your friend :

Ask him about the things you noticed recently that made you feel that he no longer had the same old friendliness towards you.  Be frank about your concerns. You may not be able to solve them all at once, but it may be helpful if your friend does not treat you like before anymore or if he is angry about something.

Ask yourself if some things have changed in your life :

Life leads people to several different directions and those trends may not include yourself or your old friends

Do not act in a defensive wy :

Knowing that your friend no longer wants you can make you feel some negative emotions. Although you may not wish to mute those feelings, it is best to use them as an opportunity to think about yourself more. Try to find out what you feel (fear, anger or humiliation) until you come to the next step that you must take

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