How to stop your friends from mocking you

If you think your friends always make fun of you, you should really think carefully about it to make sure that they are really your friends. It’s different with the harassers who try to touch a sensitive spot whereas your loyal friends will not want to annoy you in any way.

Minor annoyances between friends are normal, but if it is always one-sided or if it happens all the time, you do not have to endure it. If you can learn how to stop harassment then you will not have to deal with it as before.

 Learn to laugh at yourself :

This is difficult to do when you feel embarrassed and not confident, but it is a very important step. Children are sometimes tough and are usually less careful when dealing with each other than adults. If you get angry, it will motivate and make some people make you feel worse. It is important that you learn to laugh at yourself when you make a clear mistake in a public place, such as the drop of your drink, stumbling into something, or the drop of something you carry.  

Act confidently :  

You do not necessarily need to feel confident all the time, but do your best to look that way; if you are more confident, you will be less likely to be ridiculed. People find self-confidence something scary. If they expect what you will say, they will not risk to harass you, knowing that they will become idiots if you have a clever response. For example; Try to slow down yourself when you talk. When you feel stressed, you’ll talk faster, so slow down your talk and you’ll look more confident.

 Use the situation for your advantage : 

Sometimes you can turn harassment into an advantage, if it does not bother you very much or if you suspect you are being harassed because of someone else’s jealousy. One such example is when young guys harass their friends for  wearing stylish clothes, especially if they think this person is trying to impress a girl. Instead of feeling angry, it can be used to your advantage by saying something like, “Yes, this is a new suit, and I look great in it too!”  

Ignore it :

There is a trick in that way, but if you manage it, you will have gotten a very effective way in several embarrassing social situations. While being harassed, try to look uncomfortable but not angry.

 Learn to respond to the harassment :

One of the important life skills is the ability to respond to jokes with others without being too rude. To mock others is a part of our daily life. If you are able to joke a little and you can give as you take, then others will not bother you that much.

 Take notes :

Be careful when you spend time with someone who is skilled at responding to criticism and is capable of repelling harassment using clever phrases. Note how he deals with things, what things he says and what reactions he has. When you are harassed, you can think, “What would that person say in this situation?”

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