Sociologists: Men who cook and clean are more attractive for women

In the past, men who were cooking and cleaning, and generally taking care of home affairs,  were ranked among those who are weak. People used to call them men who are weak and controlled by their wives or partners.

There are even women who do not like such men, and consider them weak and not as harsh and strong as they want them to be. Nowadays things have completely changed.

If you still think that women prefer men with nice hair cut or men who are well dressed then you are completely wrong and you have to reexamine the way you are thinking.

According to a survey and study lead by the sociologists Scott Coltrane and Michele Adams of the University of California, women find men who helped them with the housework such as cooking and cleaning as well as babysitting more attractive sexually than other men.

The same sociologists noticed than kids who are helping their father with housework are more likely to have lasting friendships and get more friends and succeed in school.

Men who are doing housework for their wives and families are a real inspiration to their kids. It teaches them cooperation values as well as democratic family values.

So dear ladies, if you want to see your man as attractive and sexy then all you need is to buy him a pair of gloves, a rag, and a disinfectant.

So what should make us believe that this analysis is right and that men who are carrying a broom and picking up the laundry are the most attractive for women?

There are other researchers who support this theory like the Council of Contemporary Families who found out that the house where both men and women help each other is a house where there are satisfaction and happiness between the couples.

There are also other researchers and experts in love and relationships like psychologist Dr. Gottman, who came to the conclusion that women see their husbands’ contributions with housework as a sign of love and thus make them fall more in love with their husbands.

It excludes the wrong stereotypes

This analysis excludes the fact that men who are helping their wives with domestic affairs are less manly than others. it is quite the opposite, men who are taking care of laundry or sweeping the floor are more wanted and attractive for women. Those men are also making their relationships stronger and tied.

Men who are babysitting and cleaning are good for kids

As we mentioned above, kids who are seeing their fathers doing housework get inspired. Data and study showed that kids who help their fathers with housework are more likely to have more friends and get good marks as well as obeying their teachers.

So it is obvious than men who help their families with housework have more advantages to win a woman’s heart than lazy men who are waiting for their partners to serve them.

So what kind of housework do you want to see your man or partner do? Mopping the floor or cleaning the dishes? Share your view with us by leaving a comment below.

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