The difference between love and emotional attachment

Many people mix the concept of love with the terms of attachment such as; admiration, adoration, and others. We see so many people describing their attachment to somebody as a feeling of love, but in fact, there is a big difference between love,  attachment, and admiration. In this article, we will clarify the concept of each one of them and the reasons that lead to the attachment.

The concept of love:

We can say that love is a feeling of attraction towards someone who has qualities that the loving heart tends to. It is also an attraction of the feelings chemistry between two people and it includes the desire and inclination towards the other person. and the desire to own,

Besides, the feelings and the heartbeats must be accompanied by respect. everything will collapse if there is no respect, love and mutual trust between lovers, without confidence there will suspicion and doubt, suspicion generates problems,  which will Perhaps have no solution but separation.

Love is a mutual understanding between two persons, and it is containment before it is anything else. The lovers must contain each other, and it is also a sacrifice. When you love, you should sacrifice everything.

The concept of attachment:

The attachment is almost like love and it is an innate feeling created by God in many human beings, there are many manifestations of it such as the attachment of a young guy to a girl and vice versa, or a student is attached to his teacher in a school or the attachment of friends to each other.

The surrounding environment and the circumstances in which a person grew up has an important role in his attachment to another person or anything else, whether it is a human or animal or something static,

 There are many reasons that contribute to the attachment of a person to another person; the most important of which is the emotional drought of the parents and the lack of love and safety that a person can get in his home, which leads him to search for it outside the house or anywhere else, also emotional movies and songs inspire people’s feelings.

The difference between love and attachment:

 from the above-explained definitions, we can deduce the difference between them; both love and attachment are instinctive, But love between people ranges from negligence, excess and moderation, in a situation where we can abandon those we love in certain circumstances, and we can endure the separation, get used to the absence of the other person, and then we can forget.

The attachment is a step or a degree above the logic in love, and it can lead a person to a disease in which he will not be able to give up the person he is attached to no matter what the circumstances around him are. If he reaches a pathological level he will not be able to acclimatize and will not get used to the absence of the person whom he is attached to, and if he lost him for any reason then he is likely to collapse psychologically, and the collapse of his endurance powers.

In order not to lose ourselves or those we love, we must spread love and be moderate, not excessive or extravagant, so that it will be a healthy psychological phenomenon, and the most beautiful and the highest feelings we feel is the love of God Almighty and attachment to it.

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