Study says eating dates everyday provides human body with incredible benefits.

Nowadays, a lot of people are addicted to food containing sugar. No doubt sugar is a source of energy for human beings’ body but the excessive take of sugar may have negative impacts on our bodies as it can also lead to critical diseases.

One must surely be cautious when it comes to the source of sugar and sweetness we are eating as there are two types of sugar: Natural sugar and artificial sugar.

The artificial sugar is, for instance, the one we use to make cakes and ice creams, etc. This artificial sugar surely damages and ruins our health. Doctors and experts link diabetes, obesity and heart illnesses to the sugar.

Dr. Robert Lustig, from the University of California, stressed in research he published, that he and his colleagues believe they have come up with the definitive deduction that sugar “is toxic.”

The second type of sugar is a natural one. The sugar we get from natural resources such as dry fruits, vegetables, and fruits.

But if you are addicted to sweetness, then,  we will give you the best alternative that will make you enjoy both sweetness and get some good benefits to your body.


This dry fruit is rich and full of vitamins, proteins, minerals as well as natural sugar and is believed to provide us with positive energy and cure and reduces so many diseases.

Do you eat dates on a daily basis? Have you ever thought about what happens to your body if you eat some pieces of dates daily?

1 Dates protect you from the colon cancer

According to a study done by the Human Nutrition Group, Department of Food and Nutritional Sciences, School of Chemistry, Food and Pharmacy, at the University of Reading, Eating dates every day leads to the growth of the positive bacteria in your colon. These bacteria are interacting inside your colon and attack the cancer cells. The researchers stressed also that eating dates improves the mechanism of digestion,  digestive system and makes it free from harmful bacteria.

2 your body will be provided with energy

Dates consist of various vitamins and natural sugar such as glucose, fructose, and sucrose that empowers our body by providing it with the energy it needs. Unlike the food and beverages that contain artificial and harmful sugar, dates contain other natural and healthy components such as magnesium, potassium, and antioxidants that make a balance of sugar in your blood and therefore preventing you from feeling tired.

3 your digestive health will be better

If you are willing to keep your digestive system function smoothly without problems then dates are the right food that will help you achieve that. Just eating a few dates will provide you with 12 grams of fiber which is about 48% of what your body needs every day.

Taking the perfect amounts and the right sort of fiber will contribute to the well being of your digestion process. Moreover, fiber will help you protect yourself from constipation and enhance smoothly the movements of the bowel.

So dates are the most suitable fiber that can help your body perform such tasks. Worth mentioning that a British study published by the British Journal of Nutrition showed that people who have eaten 7 dates per day for 21 days got good results. It helped them improve their stool regularity and the bowel movement became better compared to the situation before eating dates.

4 You would be cleverer

Science has shown that dates consist of many vitamins especially vitamin B6 that contribute to the good functioning of our brain through the production of serotonin and Norepinephrine.

Serotonin is a system that organizes the mood levels while Norepinephrine helps our bodies to handle stress and overcome it.so if your mind is empty of stress and is in a good mood then it will be ready to memorize quickly and smoothly as well as learning new things in a quick way.

5 The cure of Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are one of the common diseases in every society. It affects the rectum by making it swollen and inflamed and leads to chronic constipation, which causes terrible anal pain. Doctors recommend eating dates daily because they consist of fibers that make bowel movements regulated and significantly alleviate the pain of hemorrhoids, and sometimes even eradicate them permanently.

6 Treatment of heart problems and improving the cardiovascular system

These small dry fruits which are called dates are able to cure so many diseases related to our heart. How could dates do that?

Potassium is highly concentrated in dates and it plays a magical role in lowering cholesterol, which causes arterial blockages, which can lead to heart attacks and stroke.  A study done on old women showed that taking food that contains potassium helped them reduce the risk of stroke.

so dates should be an inevitable food that should be on our table every day to live a life without health problems in the future.

7 The reduction of blood pressure

Believe it or not, studies have shown that eating some pieces of dates every day will help you reduce the blood pressure. Eating 5 or 6 dates every day will certainly provide your body with  80 milligrams of magnesium, an important mineral that will get blood dilated in your vessels. Researches and studies show that supplementing with 370 milligrams of magnesium can make blood pressure go down.

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