What is sex addiction and How to control it ?

For sure sex can be addictive. It is an important part of human nature and this is very normal and healthy, but when the sexual desire comes out of control, then this is the danger. The difference between sex enjoyment and addiction is also evident.

How can I control sex addiction?

Sexual addiction can appear in many ways, so all the possibilities and reasons should be considered as follows, according to a Brazilian study of the Vijsib Institute that specializes in  Sex diseases and that is located in Sao Paulo:

First: Sex is addictive if it controls the person’s life,  one’s thinking, and activities.

Second: When the whole discussion is focused on the subject of sex, in other words, one is always talking about sex.

Third: When he can not sleep without masturbation or getting sexual intercourse or watching pornographic movies.

Fourth:  masturbating so much  if he is not married.

Fifth: When he is married, but he betrays his wife with several other women.

What is the difference between normal sex and sex addiction?

The difference is that sex addiction means having sex in an obsessive way  while healthy sex is the normal need to have sex naturally with a partner of our life. Healthy sex is that there is a desire to make love, and then return to the normal life, but obsessive sex is in mind, and it does not come out by thinking about it or wanting to have it. a Sex-addicted person begins to think about it just after a moment of having it.

Sex addiction is manifested in two things: love is replaced by sex  and the constant desire to do this  activity in an excessive way.

The Addicted person to sex considers it incomplete whenever he has it :

The Brazilian study showed that the addicted person to sex does not feel that his desire is satisfied after the practice and he even feels  after his orgasm that the practice was incomplete. As for normal sex, the practitioner feels satisfaction and enjoyment  after the practice, and needs time to feel the desire again.

The study pointed out that the sex-addicted person tries to form his sexual desire in any way, even if he has just finished sexual intercourse, and this is by imagining the sex in a strange and sick way. Sex addiction in men and women is a disease that needs to be treated. Otherwise, the whole life may be meaningless without continuing sexual intercourses, meaning that the life of sex addicts becomes empty and does not concern other non-sex activities.

Sex addiction is a deep-sea and that needs a psychological approach before anything else and the person who is an addict should not ignore the matter and he should take it seriously otherwise he will never be able to be in a successful  relationship because sex can replace love and leads to the collapse of the relationship, so there must be a balance between love and sex in a relationship so that it will last for as long as possible .

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